“Goals live on the other side of obstacles and challenges”

…Jim Collins Great by Choice

Today is my last, first day of law school.

I can honestly say that it will be my last, first day of school EVER.

It seems fitting that I am starting my last first day by helping 100 incoming students start their first, first day.

It is difficult to wrap my head around the fact that this is my final year of law school. I have been extremely reflective over the past couple of weeks as I gear up physically and emotionally to finish law school, pass the bar exam and start working as an attorney. I remember exactly how I felt this time two years ago and to come full circle, as what I believe is the very best version of myself, is truly thrilling.

But more than anything, I am filled with gratitude. Grateful to my husband, for not thinking twice about throwing 100% of his support behind me when I told him I wanted to give up a substantial income and successful career to go after what I believed would make my life “great,” and for giving me the space and foundation to stop everything else in our lives and focus on law school for three years; Grateful to my small but very close circle of friends, who seem to know exactly when I need their support; Grateful to my Dad, my first legal inspiration who is forever my biggest fan; Grateful to the angels at CCARC, who have made our dreams come true for Ryan, allowing me to pursue this endeavor; Grateful to my brilliant classmates at QUSL, who welcomed their oldest classmate from day one, and who have become like family to me; Grateful to my colleagues and mentors at Rome Clifford Katz & Koerner, for this amazing summer. I woke up every single day for the past three months excited to go to work and ended each day excited to go back the next morning. I am grateful for the time they have taken to teach and guide me and for allowing me to start my final year with the privilege of having employment secured when I am done with the bar exam in July. I still can’t believe my good fortune of finding such an incredible place to work and of finding such amazing people to work for.

This final year will be hard, no doubt. It will be filled with challenges and moments when it all seems impossible, but I can finally see the end goal and what my life will be like when I am done and I love what it looks like.

As someone who is much better at writing about her feelings than she is at talking about her feelings, this blog was a way to keep my friends and family close to me while I worked through this journey. Some of the entries have hit a nerve in the universe and have been seen all around the world, but in the end, I hope that it can serve as a motivator for anyone who feels like they have become complacent in his/her life and who is thinking about making a change, amidst the daily struggles that may seem insurmountable.

Life is short, work hard and go for it, whatever your “it” may be. Choose to have a great life, it is so worth it.

And now, I am off to find my locker.

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